harem pants : How to wear it ?

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harem pants : How to wear it ?

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harem pants: How to wear it to make an impact

Soft and very airy, the harem pants is making a comeback in women's wardrobes this season. These pants, although unusual in the eyes of some, remain a must-have. On the other hand, its flying and very flashy aspect usually makes you dizzy when it comes to wear it. We often wonder which top to wear with them, which shoes could proudly complete the look, etc. Don't worry about it anymore. In this article, we tell you how to put on your harem pants to make an impact.

harem pants: What is it?

For those new to fashion trends, it's hard to grasp what harem pants are. Still called "harem pants", harem pants are traditional pants possessing puffy shapes at the legs and low at the crotch. It originates from North Africa. Basically, it is a model intended for women, but today you can find both harem pants womanĀ and harem pants man.

Here's how to wear it without much trouble.

The quality of the fabric.

The quality of the fabric depends entirely on the material that was used to make it. In the harem pants market, you will find various qualities of fabric. Give preference to materials such as cotton or silk. Fabrics designed with these materials are very breathable, soft and go wonderfully with the spirit of harem pants. Avoid wrinkly fabrics like nylon.

The size

To make an impact with your harem pants, it needs to be a size in line with your figure. Being already wide, you shouldn't choose it too big at the risk of not feeling comfortable and being bothered by the wind when you move. It should not be too small either. Your harem pants should be fitted to your waist and around your hips.


Follow the cues left by manufacturers to make a flawless choice. A size chart or letters (XL, L, S...) are often written on the labels to make it easier for you. Get help from your salesperson to decipher them.

The color and style

As soon as you check out online harem pants stores and physical specialty stores, you'll notice the variety of colors and styles of cuts available. The prints can be floral, nature, geometric, plain, etc. It is up to you to make your choice according to your taste and needs.


After choosing the right harem pants, you will now find a top that is appropriate for the pants and asserts your femininity. We advise you the tight or slightly curved tops history to show your curves. Opt for a sleeveless or strapless top for example; ideal over harem pants for walking around. A tailored suit would also look great over these bohemian pants as would shirts in a thin fabric and casual style.

Beware, your top should not extend past the underbelly of your harem pants. If your top is unfortunately longer, just stitch it in.



harem pants

What shoes to put on a harem pants to effect?

To make an effect with your harem pants, you will have to opt for the right shoes. You can choose from heels, rangers and flat-soled shoes.

The heels

For those who are reluctant, it is well possible to wear heels under harem pants. This way of wearing harem pants is even very advantageous. It allows the harem pants to line up precisely along your legs. Since with the heels you will gain a few inches, the pants will gently slim down at the puffy parts.

The rangers

Rangers under harem pants bring punk style and a little spice to your look. If you find a harem pants with leather tiers and some zippers, the punk effect will be guaranteed.

Flat-soled shoes

If you are of a low-key nature, but still insist on wearing harem pants, you can opt for a sober colored harem pants (gray or black) with ballet flats or all star sneakers underneath.

Wearing harem pants on the right occasion to make an effect

To make an effect with your harem pants, you'll need to put them on at the right occasion. You can wear your harem pants for a walk with family or friends. It is possible to wear them to go to a nightclub, but preferably with a touch of punk. There are also sporty looking harem pants, perfect for your indoor yoga sessions.

Accessories to complete your harem pants look

To complete your look, incorporate accessories. Keep in mind that your harem pants are already quite flashy. So you'll need accessories that aren't too flashy. You can put on a pendant, a summer or trekking hat and sunglasses that are not too big.

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