Rasta bracelet
Horizontal Heat (Brazilian)

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  • This is the style of relaxation and joy of living put together in a BRACELET! HERE IS FOR YOU THE BRAZILIAN BRACELET WITH HORIZONTAL BANDS RASTA WAY!"


    • Bracelet : Cotton sateen, soft and strong
    • Aesthetics : Sleek and trendy design that fits any outfit
    • Authenticity : Handcrafted Brazilian bracelet for a quality artisanal result
    • For All : Adjustable tightening and adaptable to all wrists

    A Brazilian bracelet horizontal band rasta that will sublimate your morphology with its embellishing design, but also with inimitable contrasts to satisfy all tastes.

    To sum up, the best process of having comfortable jewelry latest trends for men and for women while supporting the principles of free peoples!

    But do you realize what impression you really communicating by showing a multi-colored decoration similar to this?

    A single piece of clothing or accessory you wear can expose a lot about you and tune your identity to a heroic narrative! Even down to the sleeve.